Far too often we let our past, doubts, comparisons and inadequacies keep us living a small life. But God has designed you for more. Your identity, your purpose, your life is much bigger than you realise. It’s time to stop selling yourself short, time to LIVE BIG!

Hey.. I’m Sharryn…a petite (aka short) entrepreneur, mentor and coffee addict with a passion for human potential mixed with spiritual possibility.

With over 25 years of international experience helping people live big purposeful lives, I mentor action takers and help them to create impact, income and influence.

Let me define what I mean by ‘ACTION TAKER’….

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Sharryn has been my business and personal coach and mentor

“Sharryn has been my business and personal coach and mentor for the last 3 months…I would highly recommend Sharryn to anyone who needs business, personal or Christian coaching, or help with setting up a business online. Her expertise are invaluable, and her passion is contagious.”

Amanda Heal – www.amandaheal.com

What breakthroughs can I help you achieve?

People come to me when they are ready to make their dream or goal happen which I help with. Depending on what stage you are at I recommend one of the following:

1:1 Coaching

You know it’s time to step up and embrace your future. You have ideas but you need support and guidance to help develop strategies and gain the confidence to take action. Whether it’s for your work or your personal life – you are ready to stop planning and commit to making your dream happen. Having 1:1 accountability and a partner with faith will help you embrace your purpose.

Online Training and Group Coaching

Many aspiring change makers aren’t at the stage where they benefit from 1:1 coaching so I design training programs to help.  Most people never accomplish their dream so I want to help you think differently about your life, expand your capabilities and have the confidence and courage to step into the biggest version of yourself.